Thursday, March 7, 2013

Not a Good Idea

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Chaim Grossferstant the Bray of Fundie

Pedro Nunez Delacruz  was the driver behind the wheel of the Livery Cab  involved in the MVA that took the lives of Nachman, Raizy and Fetus Glauber. According to a report in yesterdays New York Post  Mr. Delacruz was devastated over the family’s death. “He’s depressed,” said Delacruz’s wife, Jesenia Perdomo.
She said he is “in so much pain, he can’t even get up and walk. Perhaps he will pay the family his respects tomorrow.” (meaning

Mr. Delacruz if your out there reading (HA) listen to me:  It's a terrible idea.  Do NOT pay a shiva call. Your role in this terrible MVA has yet to be determined.  You either ran a stop sign or proceeded after stopping somehow oblivious to a car speeding 60+ miles an hour perpendicular to your cab. Unless the headlights of the other car were off YOU are hardly blameless in the demise of three innocent people.  Do you really think that the mourners will feel comforted or respected by a vist paid by someone who may have their offspring's blood on his accelerator?

Even if the deadly MVA was 100% the fault of Julio Acevedo seeing someone so closely involved will only inflict more pain on the suffering mourners. Far from comforting them you will anger them, at you for surviving as their children perished and at G-d for allowing such an incomprehensible "injustice".

The accepted narrative right now is that Acevedo had sped and fled because he was scared. Why? because someone had fired a firearm at him and that he was fleeing the shooter.  I am skeptical.  I believe that Acevedo was DWI once again (he'd been cited for DWI just two weeks ago), that he knew that there had been fatalities in the MVA and, street-smart New Yorker that he is he knows what a "Chaptzem" is.  had he hit without running he may have been beaten to a pulp or to death by local kanoi hotheads.  Mr. Delacruz, those Chaptzem kanoim have not fled the 'hood.  If  I, the dispassionate moderate J-Blogger have been moved to fury and questions of Theodicy by you imagine how the kanoim feel about you.

So do the mourners and yourself a favor and take my advice.  Grab a beer. Chill out. Speak to a therapist. But skip the shiva call.


Anonymous said...

Goyim tend to think Shiva is like a wake, a place to be seen and to rub the right shoulders .

unknown said...

Best would be to find a middleman to find out if the family wants him to come or not.

We also don't know if the family had told him to rush...

מטהר את השרץ said...

I agree with the assertion that this has finally made the world, non Jewish and sadly Jewsih too, view Khassidim as human beings and Jews at that, worthy of the same compassion as other Jews. We tend to play Gd and decide what is worthy of merit and what castigation, because who else but we decide the objective morality of the world.
We need Moshiakh

Anonymous said...

Too late. He went.