Thursday, June 18, 2015

One Picture + Three Words ...

... is worth more to Havdala-Qedushah consciousness than 600+ posts.

Priceless, just priceless.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

It is Done

All posts prior to yesterdays have been reverted to drafts other than the Masthead Line post.  Anyone desiring to review an old post that can no longer be accesssed may request it via email
thank you,

Chaim Grossferstant AKA the Bray of Fundie
Korakh the Blogger

addendum 6.18 10:45 AM EST.  I have restored an erudite post by "team member"  Mississippi Fred MacDowell from November 2011.  I can see no reason why the information superhighway should be denied access to hi erudition.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tikun Olam vs. Tikun Hameuvas

Many bloggers ostensibly go into blogging to participate in Tikun Olam.  They see suffering and write to diminish it, they observe injustice and post to redress it. I never entertained such delusions. 

For me and my alter ego, The Bray of Fundie, it was all about drawing the attention, popularity and acclaim that eluded me in my "epic fail" real life.  Well, in this endeavor, too, I have been spectacularly unsuccessful. While the threshold for mega-blog numbers is much lower for J-Bloggers than for the general bloggish-population, no one did or ever will confuse Hamavdil with  Haemtza, DovBear or Life in Israel.

I have been facing major challenges in my life.  I believe that these עונשי שמים are due in whole or in large part to my malfeasance in shemiras haloshon.  In spite of my buddy SoMeHoWfrum's stated goal of performing an exercise in "Loshon Hora Free" blogging. I think that Loshon Hora and blogging are synonymous.

A much admired writer, Flannery O'Connor, coined the term "Holy Church of Christ Without Christ" This Red-Tent Blog has long been a blog without traffic and a blog without commenters. More recently, for close to three years, it has been a blog without regular posts.  But in light of the teshuvah concepts of Azivas Hakhet and Tikun Hameuvas (see below) it must now become "The First J Blog without Blog-Posts."  Not just new posts.  The old posts must be eliminated too.  There is still a minuscule traffic stopping by that searches the archives.