Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tikun Olam vs. Tikun Hameuvas

Many bloggers ostensibly go into blogging to participate in Tikun Olam.  They see suffering and write to diminish it, they observe injustice and post to redress it. I never entertained such delusions. 

For me and my alter ego, The Bray of Fundie, it was all about drawing the attention, popularity and acclaim that eluded me in my "epic fail" real life.  Well, in this endeavor, too, I have been spectacularly unsuccessful. While the threshold for mega-blog numbers is much lower for J-Bloggers than for the general bloggish-population, no one did or ever will confuse Hamavdil with  Haemtza, DovBear or Life in Israel.

I have been facing major challenges in my life.  I believe that these עונשי שמים are due in whole or in large part to my malfeasance in shemiras haloshon.  In spite of my buddy SoMeHoWfrum's stated goal of performing an exercise in "Loshon Hora Free" blogging. I think that Loshon Hora and blogging are synonymous.

A much admired writer, Flannery O'Connor, coined the term "Holy Church of Christ Without Christ" This Red-Tent Blog has long been a blog without traffic and a blog without commenters. More recently, for close to three years, it has been a blog without regular posts.  But in light of the teshuvah concepts of Azivas Hakhet and Tikun Hameuvas (see below) it must now become "The First J Blog without Blog-Posts."  Not just new posts.  The old posts must be eliminated too.  There is still a minuscule traffic stopping by that searches the archives. 


Many Loshon Hora feathers have escaped from the tempest twirled torn pillow and how to call them back into the pillow really escapes me.  But the least I can do to straighten that which I have made crooked is to eliminate any future possibilities of reading my swill by the few people and robots that still stop by.

As such, as soon as I can figure out how, I will bli neder be reverting all of the prior posts here to draft status. Although my masthead slogans have been routinely ignored I will keep the blog open to, occasionally post a quote that I enjoy and would like to bring to the public's attention.  I will also post my email address occasionally in case anyone wants to read and old post that I determine is, in fact,Loshon Hora free. 

In closing I apologize to all individuals, institutions, movements, eidos,hashkofos and ideologies that, in my hubris and bitterness, I have insulted, denigrated, slandered, borne malice towards, cursed or otherwise offended through my bloggish breaches of  Shemiras haloshon/Loshon Hora .
addendum as of 4:20 EST
This "reverting to draft stuff is more labor intensive than I thought.  The cleaning out of past posts will proceed over the next several days bli neder.  I'm presently back to March 2010.

העיקר הט"ז תיקון המעוות באשר יוכל לתקן. כענין שנאמר (יונה ג) וירא אלהים את מעשיהם כי שבו מדרכם הרעה. ונאמר (שם) וישובו איש מדרכו הרע ומן החמס אשר בכפיהם. כי בדברים שבין אדם לחבירו כמו הגזל והחמס. לא יתכפר עונו עד אשר ישיב את הגזלה. וכן אם ציער את חבירו והציק לו. או הלבין פניו. או סיפר עליו לשון הרע. אין לו כפרה עד שיבקש ממנו מחילה. וכן אמרו רבותינו זכרונם לברכה כי אף על פי שנתן לו דמי בושתו ודמי צער ההכאה. אין צער הבושה וההכאה נמחל לו עד שיבקש ממנו [מחילה] שנאמר (בראשית כ) ועתה השבת אשת האיש כי נביא הוא ויתפלל בעדך וחיה:.


JS said...

I am very sorry to see you go. I hope your tikkun has the desired affect.

The Bray of Fundie said...


SoMeHoW Frum said...

Terrible news. I imagine that Toeles would be enough of a reason to keep 97% of the posts up.

A sad day in the Jblogosphere.

SoMeHoW Frum said...

Please just click on "revert to draft" and check all the questionable posts in case you have charata.

The Bray of Fundie said...

no questionable. there all going except for this parting post by Korach and masthead quotes. That's why it may take me some time to revert all of them to drafts.

Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

Yeah, yeah, Dovbear also wrote a farewell post and then promptly resumed blogging.

SoMeHoW Frum said...

[@MGI: This is worse. Bray has removed content.]

But why quit cold turkey?

Why not reinvent yourself in a non LH type blog?

The Bray of Fundie said...

why quit cold turkey?

Can one let go of just the dead sheretz's tail while descending into the mikvah? I really don't understand you. this is an attempt at Teshuvah.

The Bray of Fundie said...

wrote a farewell post and then promptly resumed blogging.

A. I really have no time left to blog...It took me two days just to revert my 600+ posts to drafts.

B. If DB were facing what I am he'd be too scared witless to post as well.

kurkevan said...

I, for one, will be sorry to see you go. Wishing you much hatzalacha and speedy resolution of all challenges.

The Bray of Fundie said...

thanks. והמברך יתברך

Anonymous said...

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